Project Type: Graphic Design

Fear Not Series Bumper & Graphics

Fear Not is all about seeking God during dark times. These graphics are all designed to show darkness and uneasiness, before leading into a testimony showing how God can be there in those dark times. The shots of nature intertwined with the set of the testimonies creates a cohesive feel and consistent look. The glitch

Louisville Football Black Out Uniform Concept

More unis. After some people said they really enjoyed the white out uniforms I created, I decided to take a shot at a blackout uniform. The dark style with red hints shows absolute business. The Cards aren’t messing around.

Louisville Football White Out Uniform Concept

I love football. I also love uniforms. So I designed some. I had some free time, so I designed a concept White Out uniform for my home-team Louisville Cardinals. I love the minimalistic approach while still maintaining and aggressive feel.