Project Type: Videography

Fear Not Series Bumper & Graphics

Fear Not is all about seeking God during dark times. These graphics are all designed to show darkness and uneasiness, before leading into a testimony showing how God can be there in those dark times. The shots of nature intertwined with the set of the testimonies creates a cohesive feel and consistent look. The glitch

NECC Elementary Camp Recap Video

Showing The Parents All The Fun. Edited in a single night, the Elementary Camp recap video was made to showcase all the fun the students had while the parents were away. Due to tight deadlines, the video had to be edited in a single night, posing a great challenge.

In Awe Bumper Video

Showcasing God’s Creation and His Praise. In Awe is a series all about praising God, and about how amazing His creation is. The bumper was designed to visualize that. Shots of Earth and space, combined with shots of pure worship help show what the series is all about.